Jaivana Cannon is world's greatest rolled cannon

Tale has it that when Jaivana, the globe's largest cannon on wheels at the Jaigarh Ft in Amer, Rajasthan, was discharged, pregnant mothers living neighboring suffered miscarriages.

Jaigarh Ft was constructed in the 11th century as well as developed under Raja Guy Singh, a trusted general of Emperor Akbar. Man Singh discovered casting cannons while serving in Afghanistan. He established the gun foundry complex in 1584.

The Jaivana cannon, located at the Jaigarh Ft in Jaipur, is the largest wheeled cannon ever constructed. It was cast in 1720 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur, the manager of the ft throughout the regime of the Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah.

The powerful stamina of its builder lay in the substantial array of artillery as well as large materials of munitions which he maintained.

The 50-tonne cannon rests on six enormous wheels, each 9 feet in area. 4 sets of bulls revolved the equipment system made from thick wood crossbars dealt with to a main beam of light. The suggestion of the barrel is 711 mm in diameter, while the back of the barrel is 906 mm.

Both thick rings on the barrel were made use of for lifting it with the assistance of a crane which, though incomplete, is still hing on Jaigarh. A 776 mm long raising screw was utilized for elevating and reducing the barrel.

The style of the barrel is floral. An elephant rests on the idea of the barrel, and also a set of peacocks are carved in the facility. The rear of the barrel is enhanced with a pair of ducks.

This gigantic tool was never utilized in battle. It is believed that the cannon was test-fired only once by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1720 with a charge of 100 kg gunpowder. The shot covered a range of 35 kilometers which is now a fish pond by the citizens of Chaksu.

The cannon was kept near water for the artillerymans to dive in and leave the shock waves. Yet during the initial shooting, Maharaja Jai Singh, eight individuals and also one elephant were supposedly eliminated by the shockwave and lots of houses fell down in Jaipur.

Considering that the quondam kings made use of to manage the making of cannons themselves, the imperial structure where they were seated is likewise being refurbished. In addition, a support group is being produced to alleviate the concern on the wheels of Jaivana that are breaking under the cannon's weight.